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Due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic reminding you that 
"We are all in this Together".

We have taken measures to adapt our practice hours and procedures which will ensure the health and safety of our staff, clients, vendors, and visiting public, while maintaining maximum efficiency, confidentiality, and professionalism in our work for our clients.  


In keeping with best practices as outlined by the Governor and public health professionals, we are:

  1. Locking our front door even during office hours in order to limit personal contact among clients and the public in our lobby.  A staff member will welcome you in or ask you to wait temporarily in your car as needed.  

  2. We are installing an exterior, locked drop-box which is secure and completely confidential.  Only our staff will have access to it.  Clients or others who are simply dropping off documents or packages can use this after hours or during hours to avoid personal contact.  This box will be checked every morning, including Fridays.

  3. Attorneys and all staff are required to report their body temperature before commencing work each morning and to report immediately if he or she notices any Coronavirus symptoms, such as a fever, sore throat, dry cough, or respiratory difficulties.  

  4. Hand sanitizer is available to clients and staff.  Staff will clean chairs, door knobs and other surfaces regularly with disinfectants

  5. Clients are encouraged to bring their own pens to office conferences.  If you forget, no problem.  We will give you a fresh pen that you can keep when you leave.  

  6. All office conferences, discussions, or other personal contact in the office with clients and the visiting public will be conducted with social distancing, i.e. no handshaking, six-foot distances, etc.

  7. If you are 60 or over or have an acute or chronic illness or condition which makes you more vulnerable to the effects of Coronavirus, you can request an appointment for a time when we can minimize your coming into contact with persons other than staff.  

  8. When an office visit is not necessary, we encourage clients to call or email us with questions, concern, requests, and other matters.  If it is necessary for you to see us in person, please call in advance for an appointment.  Appointments can generally be scheduled within a day or two. Of course, emergencies are exceptions.

Office Hours:

Until further notice, our office hours will be Monday – Thursday 9 to 5 pm. 
Despite the reduced office hours, the attorneys will be working a full schedule, so please call or email us as you wish.  We will be reading our emails and listening to voicemails daily. We will be promptly responding to your needs and completing our work as always in a timely and professional manner. 
 We encourage new clients to call us as well!


We want to thank our clients for their patience and understanding during this pandemic and the resulting turbulence.  Our focus now is to continue providing you with the best legal representation and services possible in a timely manner while ensuring your health and safety, as well as ours.  If you have any questions, please call us at 419-678-7111 and we will be glad to explain our new procedures in more detail. 

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