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Homestead is a complete, full service land title agency.

We close residential, farm, and commercial transactions from cash purchases to seller-financing and traditional mortgage lending through banks and credit unions. As a fully insured and bonded escrow agency, we professionally and reliably handle the closing process from start to finish. We are a licensed title insurance agency, and a verified title insurance agent of Stewart Title, a nationally recognized and secure title insurance company. We can issue mortgage and owners policy, closing protection letters, and other products. 

Covering Your Insurance, Title, & Closing Needs


Purchasing a home may be the biggest investment you make. As with every investment, you’ve done your research and know you’ve found the home for you. While the house and land may be tangible, visible assets, the actual title to own and possess the property is not. That’s where we come in. We research the title, examine all current and previous owners and interest holders, as well as any open mortgages, liens, judgments or taxes. We insure that your purchase is exactly what you’re expecting and facilitate the transfer of the title from seller to buyer.



Every buyer of land for sale has the same goal – find a quality piece of property at a fair price that matches what you’re looking for.  But how do you determine what a fair price is? Figuring that out is a key part of the buying decision, but in land sales, this can seem a bit complicated for the buyer. Unlike residential home sales, there often aren’t recent sales of comparable tracts nearby to compare a price to. Thankfully, you are not in this alone. By working with a reputable, experienced real estate broker, and title company buyers can have confidence that the price they are paying is fair and the closing is completed with accuracy.



Our staff draws from a wide range of experience in the commercial real estate industry, allowing you to complete even the most complicated settlements with confidence. We begin with a thorough title search and examination, to identify and address any concerns prior to closing. Our practice ensures that throughout the commercial title work you will come to the settlement table with complete confidence.



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Mercer & Surrounding Counties

Full Service

Insurance, Title, & Closing

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